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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 2, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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that dumpster from behind a restaurant. a little leaguer hitting a home run in five straight at bat and a woman teeing off on her husband's car. >> rachel said my son brian is about his baseball skills. i'm going to show him that video. >> thank you for joining us today. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. >> good morning. it is friday, august 2. i'm ainsley earhardt filling in for gretchen. we start with a fox news alert. an al qaeda terror threat forced the united states to close embassies across the middle east. we have the latest on this breaking story. >>steve: who is responsible for the death and violence in chicago? >> i want to tell you what i've been hearing. they suspect maybe the police are killing some of these kids. >>steve: that official tries to defend her crazy comments coming up.
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>>brian: what happens when politics gets personal? they get dirty. find out what's causing this parliamentary brawl. we'll go inside that story. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ [music] >>steve: it is coast guard week. do you realize that sunday the coast guard will celebrate 233 years of service. today on the "fox & friends" program we're going to celebrate with a cake a little later on in the show. happy anniversary coast
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guarders. >>ainsley: happy anniversary. >>brian: we know they are good on the water, good onshore, the first time they're good on turf. >>ainsley: that's our idea of a backyard in new york city. >>steve: thank you very much for joining us on this friday. thank goodness it's friday. ainsley, great to have you. >>ainsley: so good to be here. >>brian: why are you pumped up to be here? >>ainsley: because it's friday. the coast guard is playing. i get to sit with you guides. >>brian: keep going. evidently i'm not dressing cool enough for this girl. tell me why else are you happy? >>ainsley: great coffee. and barbecue. free barbecue and uncle cracker is here. >>brian: uncle cracker is here. i missed him last time. he's going to be singing a little country. he's right before kid rock. kid rock is the coolest guy to sit on that couch.
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>>ainsley: i share an office with anna kooiman and she brought in an ottoman from her apartment. >>brian: what about the chair? >>ainsley: she has one of those too. >>brian: she brought in an ottoman. anna is on the show. we could interact. >>ainsley: we'll ask her. let's get to the news. a lot of developing news. we're expecting big news on the economy this morning. the labor department releasing the monthly jobs report for july. economists are predicting slow growth with an increase of just 184,000 new jobs added. that's a slight dip in the unemployment rate. also expected 7.5%. wall street, a great day yesterday. looking to continue that record straight. the dow up more than 128 points to close at a record high of 15,628. s&p 500 closed above 1700, the first time it's ever happened. great day yesterday. a first date ends in
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tragedy. listen to this story. an advertising executive plunges to her death after a railing on her balcony collapses. this happened here in new york city. here's her picture. beautiful girl. 35-year-old jennifer rossoff. she went out on the balcony for a smoke break with her date. that's when the railing she was leaning on gave way. >> i'm just shocked to hear that. very sad. it's very, very sad for the woman. >>ainsley: the woman's date is not accused of doing anything wrong. >>brian: i heard he recommended she not lean on the balcony. she said no problem and went over. the major league baseball will suspend nine players who will not name alex rodriguez for using performance enhancing drugs.
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it is believed the ban will be at least 50 games. as for a-rod, sources tell major league baseball they want to ban the yankee through next season. this season he's going to be back in a week. and next year he's reportedly trying to avoid that lifetime ban. he wants to cash in on some of the $100 million he still has owed. he's getting about $25 million per year. >>ainsley: on the eve of his military trial, accused fort hood shooter major nidal hasan releasing documents to fox news renouncing u.s. citizenship. he explains his relationship with a radical cleric with whom he exchanged e-mails before that massacre. has san is charged in the november 2009 ram page that killed 13 soldiers at fort hood. >> the government has tried to deny this is an act of terrorism. i think it helped that if people hear the words from hasan's mouth, they'll
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understand this was an act of terrorism. >>ainsley: hasan faces the death penalty if convicted. >>brian: an al qaeda terrorist threat so serious u.s. embassies are being shut down around the world. we're live in washington with the latest details. >> good morning. like you said, a threat of terror attacks. because of that, a number of u.s. embassies and consolates will close sunday for precautionary measures. u.s. intel picked up signs of an al qaeda plot against diplomatic posts in the mideast and other muslim countries. while american diplomatic missions in europe are closed on sunday, it's a regular work day in many arab and middle eastern countries. locations such as egypt, iraq, afghanistan, and kuwait, closures we are learning have something to do with -- quote -- "terror concerns or other unspecified security concerns." president barack obama met with the yemen president yesterday at the white
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house. he says the country has been cracking down object al qaeda. >> because of some of the very effective military reforms the president initiated when he came into this office, what we've seen is al qaeda in the huat moved back out of territory it was controlling. >> we learned this information from the state department releasing it yesterday, but along with very few details. >> the department has been apprised of information that out of an abundance of caution and care for our employees and others who may be visiting our installation that indicates we should institute these precautionary steps. >> the spokesperson says they may stay closed for more than a day depending on the development of these potential threats. back to you. >>brian: thank you, elizabeth. let's talk benghazi. >>steve: let's talk a little benghazi. we have told you many times why is the administration
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not trying to get to the bottom of what happened in 2012 when two tkefpt -- department of state and navy seals were learned. now we've learned in addition to the navy department and department of state personnel there were dozens of members of the c.i.a. why were they there? we know the c.i.a. were trying to do everything they can to keep survivors from talking to the media or talking to congress as well. in fact, last night it was made clear they pulled out all the stops. looks like a coverup. >> including changing names, creating aliases. you stop and think what thing are most calculated to get at the truth, talk to people with firsthand knowledge? what creates the appearance or prance the reality of a
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coverup? not letting us talk to people who have the most amount of information, dispersing them throughout the country and changing their names. >>brian: number one, could they have helped? did they help? these two guys on top of the roof held off and may have taken out thousands of al qaeda killers, terrorists before ultimately losing their life to an r.p.g. i'm wondering, if it's true, i think back to was it rand paul's question to hillary clinton when she came out, when they said is it true there were arms moving to syrian rebels once used for libyan rebels? and she hraobd at him a -- looked at him aghast? where did that come from? i'll have to look into that. >>steve: her response was you'll have to direct that question to the agency that ran the annex. the agency that ran the annex, the c.i.a. we know there were dozens of c.i.a. personnel in libya that night. >>ainsley: what did happen? we all want to know.
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obviously it was something that was such a big deal, obviously it was when individuals are killed, but something they're hiding that these individuals know. they do not want them to get out. they're moving them around the country, giving them lie detector tests occasionally. >>steve: the crazy thing about this week, we heard from the white house when asked whether benghazi was a phony scandal, they regard this as a phony scandal. during phony scandals, do you move people around. one other thing, they're giving them polygraphs once a month. >>ainsley: changing names, moving them around the country and polygraph tests occasionally. >>brian: you know the trayvon martin case everyone is talking about, is this a trend. is it more a tragedy all around with george zimmerman and trayvon martin. others say if you want to get to the problems in america, look to the inner cities where black on black crime is through the roof. especially chicago, that is where crime is through the roof. a local lawmakers there, a
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state lawmaker there thinks she has a theory on who is killing these kids. state rep monique davis. listen to her. >> i'm going to tell you what some suspicions have been and people have whispered to me, they're not sure that black people are shooting all of these children. there's some suspicion -- and i don't want to spread this but i want to tell you what i've been hearing. they suspect maybe the police are killing some of these kids. >>ainsley: she's hearing these rumors on the street. >>steve: and repeating them on that detroit radio station. bill o'reilly booked her last night. it was fiery. watch. >> chicago police, as you well know, are not gunning down black children. you know that; right? >> well, certainly they are not, bill. but based upon the history of african-americans in this country and based upon the fact that 70% of the
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murders in chicago are unsolved, 70% are unsolved, people are wondering what the heck is going on. certainly monique davis, who is a good friend to the police, who supports the police, i believe they're our first responder and i respect that, but i have the right as a legislator to repeat what my community says to me. >> not if it's irresponsible you don't. i hear a lot of *eurp -- irresponsible stuff. >> i don't think it is irresponsible. >> for chicago police to be accused of gunning down children? you don't think it'sish responsible. >> i don't think they said that. i said there was some suspicion -- >> that's irresponsible without any evidence. >>steve: we all hear crazy stuff. when you're in a position of power and influence, you don't repeat it. >>ainsley: she does go on to say i didn't realize this would make national news. i said this on a local
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radio station and then it made national news. i don't think she realized the backlash. >>steve: o'reilly didn't give her a pass. >>brian: straight ahead, how easy to get an obamaphone? roll the tape. >> i think it's pretty much anywhere you can get food stamps, they have vendors on the street who are approaching you and saying do you have a free phone yet? >>brian: that woman got three phones and she's not even eligible. stuart varney is fired up. i called him this morning. >>steve: on your obamaphone? look what happened while you were sleeping. why this brawl erupted between lawmakers. they're breaking the laws on lawmakers. ♪ ♪ ♪ so then the little tiny chipmunks go all the way up... ♪ [ female announcer ] when your swapportunity comes,
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>>steve: next time you get your cell phone bill, think to yourself how much cheaper would my life be if i got a free phone from the government? as one reporter found out, pretty easy. take a listen to this. >> i think pr-tty much -- pretty much anywhere that you can get food stamps, they have vendors on the street approaching you and saying do you have a free phone yet. i say no -- or when i did have one, i said yes, and they would ask you whether you were on welfare of any kind. i said no but i'd sure like
3:17 am
to be. and that got me signed up. they would pull out their electronic tablet, take down my home address and send it off. i was able to get three of the applications i put in. >>steve: three free phones. >>ainsley: the life line phone program and stuart varney is here to weigh in. >> that young ladies tests the obamaphone system. she walks down to these food stamp offices in new york city. she is totally not qualified for an obamaphone. she makes some money, she doesn't get any kind of government benefits already. she is not qualified. nonetheless, she finds people in two's outside these offices dying to sign her up. and she signs up seven different times and ends up with three free obamaphones. >>ainsley: we are the ones paying for this. she was saying it is a universal service plan. at the bottom of the bill we pay $2.50 every month for this, over $2 million
3:18 am
every year. a lot of money and a lot of waste. she shouldn't get these phones and she is getting three free. >> there are six million obama phones. you pay for it through your own phone lines. this is a classic example of vote buying. just give everybody stuff and vote for me. that's my interpretation. you may not share it, but that's what it looks like for me. it's waste and fraud in a government program that you can never ever get rid of. >>steve: the problem, stuart, is there's very little oversight. these phone companies, the more they are able to give out, the more money they get. so it's like, okay, we're getting this money through this government program, the phone companies are saying, let's send our guys out on the street and give away as many as phones as possible. there are instances where people have wound up with 20, 30, 40 free phones. >>ainsley: what is the purpose of this? why do they need these cell phones? >> this young lady does not need them.
3:19 am
the purpose is so that poor people can get on the phone and apply for jobs. that was the excuse. what it really is is spend government money. that's how the administration wants to soup up the economy. it has not worked. >>steve: once upon a time it was hard line phones. a couple of years ago people said let's expand it to cell phones. >> 2008, that's when the rules changed. given this obvious fraud and waste, do you think you'll ever get rid of it? >>ainsley: there is no way we can opt out as americans. >>steve: you have 20 pages of phone bill, there's small print in the back. >> check it out. overphone bill, you will see it, paying for those free phones that reporter received when she is not supposed to receive anything at all. >>ainsley: 41% of the people getting these phones are not eligible. >> six million of these phones are out there in use
3:20 am
now. >>steve: we're going to be watching you at 9:20 eastern time. i've got a feel you'll be talking about obamaphones. >> yes and the big jobs report today. >>steve: today on the business channel. thank you, sir. >>ainsley: nearly everyone has it at some point in their life. we're talking about back pain. you have back pain, steve? >>steve: no. >>ainsley: there is a good chance your doctor is giving you wrong treatment. our medical a team is in for that story. >>steve: the postal service has a plan to rescue them. deliver booze. >>ainsley: i'll take it. i'll give you my address right now. >>steve: it's a little early, isn't it? ♪ ♪ ♪ okay, a? b? b. a? that's a great choice. let me show you some faucets to go along with that.
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>>ainsley: quick headlines for you. new information about edward snowden, the n.s.a. leaker will be living with american ex-patriots in their homes until he can rent his own place. russia granted him asylum for one year. he's allowed to live there and work without fear of prosecution. that infuriated the white house. officials say president obama is leaning against his plan to meet with president putin next month. >> could booze mean big bucks for the u.s. poefrlt service? the postmaster general says the agency could make 50 million bucks a year by delivering booze. the postal service lost $15 million last year. >>brian: are you suffering from back pain now? if you are, you're not alone. 80% of americans at some point during their lifetime could experience back pain and doctors are constantly fighting to ease that pain but are they incorrectly treating what the patients need so much? here po separate fact from fiction is our expert,
3:25 am
dr. marc siegel. back pain, a big deal to me. you've helped me out before in the past. let's get through myths and facts. first off, back pain usually goes away on its own. fact or myth? >> absolutely true. people don't realize that. by the way, as we were saying, what back pain is is because there's a tight compartment of muscle, nerve and bone in one area. nerves get inflamed and you get back pain. you get a muscle spasm and you think it's going to last forever but most of the time it goes away on its own. >>brian: the guidelines are always right? >> myth. guidelines for back pain say we overdo the treatment, that we overdo the m.r.i.'s, we overdo the steroids, narcotics and surgeries. that's true but guidelines in general i don't believe is good medicine. guidelines should be taking place of by the art of
3:26 am
medicine, one on one. depends on the person. >>brian: you can't be too gentle? >> some people need surgery, some don't. >>brian: m.r.i. scans, c.t. scans and specialists are underutilized. myth or fact? >> a myth. they are overutilized. 11% of people with back pain end up with an instant c.t. scan or m.r.i. most of the time physical therapy and heat work and you don't need imaging. only if the pain is radiating down your legs or arms. if there is a radiating fact or it doesn't go away or it's debilitating, you need imaging studies. >>brian: narcotics are a good choice for back pain? is that a myth or fact? >> totally a myth. what is disturbing about narcotics, brian, is there are up to about 30% of back medications now. a study out of harvard shows in the past decade
3:27 am
we've increased prescriptions up to 30%. they are addictive, cause problems later on. they don't solve the inflammations in the back. >>brian: back surgery is frequently overdone? fact or myth? >> a fact. you know why? initially with back surgery you may have relief. it may work for a couple of years. studies show out of the n.i.h. that down the line 10% to 40% of back surgeries fail. there are reasons for it. sometimes if you've got a bad disk, this may be indications for back surgery but don't rush to it. >>brian: what makes the back so challenging? >> the back is challenging because we're using it all the time. it started off as aches. we weren't supposed to be standing up. we put tremendous pressure on the back when we sit, stand, then the muscles, nerves and bones are very tightly together. they get inflamed easily. you get the muscles in spasm, nerves inflamed and
3:28 am
you have a problem. >>brian: special thanks to early americans because i wouldn't want to be crawling right now. whoever had the idea to stand up, good. dr. marc siegel, medical a team dispelg facts there. ian, i'm sure you're happy with your back surgery; right? he is. >> for the time being. >>brian: straight ahead, mother nature putting on an amazing light show overnight. and we're helping the coast guard celebrate their 223rd birthday. stick around. [playing music] ♪
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>>brian: welcome outside. the summer concert series brings us outside to hear a lot of great music. we're hearing great music thanks to the coast guard band. they are celebrating their 223rd birthday. joining us is captain gordon lobell. great background music. >> our coast guard auxiliary doing a great job with the music this morning. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. today we're going to be
3:33 am
giving some cake out. we also have a sword. >> ceremonial sword, ceremonial cake cutting. >>brian: tell me about the coast guard and the vital role they play in our national security. >> the coast guard obviously does a lot of things. security is one of them. security of our nation's waterways is kind of main thing the coast guard goes. i'm second commander here in new york. we're screening vessels that come in and making sure anything that is a potential threat is thwarted. >> this highlights what you do on an average day. this is what on an average day the united states coast guard does. conducts 10 # certainly and rescue cases, save ten lives, 192 people in distress saved, more than
3:34 am
$2 million seized in property and of course drugs as well. just one day on average. >> i'd like to point out that is with 42,000 people, active military. roughly the size of the new york city police department. >>brian: in world war ii there were rumors there were boats right off our coasts. it is up to the coast guard to knock them out. you've been around since 1790. your birthday cake, 1790 to 2013. only one thing left to do, captain. cut the cake. are you ready? >> i hope so. >>brian: i think you're overprepared. >> excuse me here. i'm going to try to get it right in there. >>brian: a round of applause. coast guard birthday! [applause] >> i guess we're going to cut it smaller as well. >>brian: we have a lot of
3:35 am
people to feed. uncle cracker is hungry and he's coming up later. >>ainsley: brian, feel free to lick that knife if you'd like. that sword. >> i don't know if you want to do that or not. >>brian: are you guys ready? >>ainsley: ready to eat some cake. >>brian: thanks, captain. back inside. >>steve: happy anniversary. >>ainsley: now to your headlines. a state attorney general putting thekabosh on a school district's plan to hire employees. a school district in arkansas has no ride to provide kpwhraoers -- employees with handguns. administrators were hoping to arm employees beginning in september. >>steve: glee's tribute to star cory monteith.
3:36 am
♪ ♪ >>steve: a tribute episode will deal directly with drugs. cory monteith, tall guy right there, died of an overdose last month but they did not say his character will suffer the same fate. the tribute will come in the third episode of this new season on fox. >>ainsley: overnight a nuclear war literally in taiwan. look at that. kicking and screaming in parliament before a vote to finish a fourth nuclear power plant. it is a very heated issue. supporters there say there will be widespread power shortages without the plant and critics say it is a safety risk after japan's fukashima disaster. >>steve: think you've had
3:37 am
a rough day at your job? check out what happened to a fox reporter in philadelphia. >> december paoeut a reece -- despite a recent rash of car thefts, car break-ins are down but the captain is urpbling people to keep their doors locked. i'm sorry, something was going on behind me. >>steve: yes it was. a prankster moons that guy. the reporter didn't realize what happened until after his report and he watched the tape. the tape he saw, that guy's butt was blurred out. >>ainsley: that is so annoying when people do stuff like that or they drive up on a motorcycle and crank it and make a live noise in the middle of your live shot. >>brian: ifops their pants while you're talking, it's always distracting. a lot of times john does that but i've learned to get used to it behind camera 2.
3:38 am
>>steve: meanwhile, cloud to ground lightning strikes light up the sky in southern florida which is where maria molina is from. >> good morning. that's right. a lot of lightning occurring yesterday across parts of the state of florida. it is summertime, we tend to see a lot of lightning activities in parts of the southeast and we could be seeing more of that activity later on today. we have extreme temperatures across sections of the southern plains. i want to take you towards those graphics. you can see heat advisories across parts of texas, louisiana and arkansas. heat index values that could reach 110 degrees. that's when you combine the actual temperatures and humidity out this. you can see the extended forecast in dallas, triple digits for the next couple of days. the only exception is sunday when you'll be topping out at 99 degrees. across the rest of the country, new york city warmer than yesterday at 85 degrees. cleveland staying in the 70's. this is the area where we
3:39 am
could be talking about more lightning and seeing damaging winds and hrarblg hail from some of these -- and large hail from some of these storms. those areas highlighted in yellow. >>brian: five children got cake this morning. >>steve: for breakfast. >>brian: meanwhile, pwr impractical jokes to superhero stunts read fun this we can. we gave you information and news as well. >>steve: that's right. if you missed a little, don't worry, here's a look back at the week that was on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ >> latest video craze. men dressed as superheroes hanging out on the back of cars. >>brian: impractical jokers. i love your dress. it shows off the colors of your body so nicely.
3:40 am
[laughter] >> we've got to see if steve nash has the skills. my goodness. >> wish i could play soccer like you do. >> give it to me, give it to me, give it to me now! ♪ ♪ >> camelot ♪ i know it sounds ♪ ♪ a bit ♪ bizarre >>steve: i say marinara, you say gravy. >>brian: i don't have anything that doesn't say chef-boy-ar-dee on the label. >>steve: i'll drive. >> quit isn't the way we roll in new york city. >>steve: mr. weiner called in all the interns and he said i want to show you something. let's play this memory game. >>brian: you don't want to do that with weiner.
3:41 am
>>ainsley: someone is licking my arm. i hope it's a dog. >> do you have a hard time in the morning doing your hair? >> no, i don't do anything. >> then i don't want to talk to you anymore. >> a georgia woman thought she was going crazy when she spotted this k.f.c. seven-foot bucket. >>brian: kennedy joins us live. you are exclusive to huckabee? you love him? >> no. i'm exclusive to stossel. how dare you. >>brian: what do you say? i talked to tamara and she said tomorrow you're bringing pictures of the hot tub in. >> you did a great job with this restaurant on your head -plt >> okay. >>steve: we created this with the help of the star
3:42 am
from the tv show royal pains on usa network. why were you bouncing up and down? >> when you fly to fight crime, it's windy. >>steve: your hair wasn't moving. >>ainsley: i said the cape is leopard. where did you get that? then it dawned on me. the makeup lady. >>brian: you try to bring everything you need but no one ever thought let me bring a cape in case you're a superhero. >>steve: it was a great we can. thank you for joining us and continuing to make us number one. we've been number one over ten years thanks to folks like you. >>ainsley: detroit is broke so who is going to take care of the people who need health care there? guess what? you are. the obamacare bailout plan that will have you seeing red. >>brian: one of the country's biggest and most successful countries in
3:43 am
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>>brian: apple stores withering on the vine it seems. the retail chains have their first drop in sales in four years. the reason?
3:46 am
experts say other tech companies are designing stores that look just as cool as apple stores. i use the term cool loosely. which is taking customers away. another issue? a lack of new apple products. although i just bought a product. what not to do in a driving test. >>brian: the good news is the parallel park went well. it happened in korea, i assume south. a woman was seconds into her driving test when she drove into the bushes. no one was hurt except her pride and perhaps her ego. we'll follow this story and fear the day she gets her license. >>steve: the city of detroit is in the process of bankruptcy and is looking to cut costs any way they can. one controversial way is by pushing many of its public-sector retirees from
3:47 am
their current city-run health care plans on to obamacare exchanges. is that fair? and who's going to pay their bill? mark ash is the c.e.o. of transproand a former advisor to the city of detroit, joins us today. good morning. what did you do for the city of detroit? >> they brought us in about 15 months ago because at the time they were literally leaving thousands of people standing at bus stops every day because they couldn't get enough buses on the street to get people to work. we came in to work with them last year to save money and improve the quality of their transportation system. >>steve: before you came in, only 65% of the buses were running? >> two out of three buses would get out. imagine showing up at the airport and only two out of three times did the plane take off. >>steve: how desperate were the people of detroit who wanted the bus? >> imagine trying to find a job in a city where the unemployment rate is massive and you can't get a vehicle to be able to get there. it -- you've got to applaud
3:48 am
the mayor who came into a tough situation. folks who couldn't get to work were desperate. >>steve: some people actually stopped buses? >> there were people who stepped in front of buses with guns because they wanted to stkpwet -- get to work. >>steve: it shows you how structurally screwed up detroit has been for awhile. now they are doing what they can. what do you make of the suggestion that they take the retirees who are on the city plan now and shove them into the obamacare exchanges? >> they may call this the affordable care act but the reality is by making some taxpayer in wisconsin have to work harder to pay the health care benefits of a retiree in detroit that is both unaffordable and unfair. >>steve: it is unfair. for instance, people in other states, other cities, they've lived responsibly so why should they have to pay for somebody with the situation they've got in detroit, the motor city? >> we should not reward dysfunctional management. this is a wolf wrapped in
3:49 am
sheep's clothing and it will gnaw the american taxpayer to the bone. >>steve: what would you do? if you could give detroit some help, what's your suggestion? >> we have got to get communities across this country to live within their own means. the city of detroit overspends by 34% every year. the federal government overspends by north of 40%. moving the cost from detroit to the federal taxpayer does not help anything. it just enhances how quickly america is going to be in trouble. >>steve: the federal government can print money. detroit can't. >> if we want to buy bread with a wheelbarrow, that's where we're headed. >>steve: mark ash, c.e.o. of transpro, thank you very much for joining us. >>brian: thank you, mark. we're going to talk a little bit more about that too, detroit with uncle cracker. straight ahead, which cup of coffee has the most caffeine? it? starbucks, dunkin' donuts
3:50 am
or mcdonald's? the secret revealed if you promise not to tell anybody. >>ainsley: look at anna. she is about to release this injured sea turtle back into the wild. >>brian: now you gave it away. it was going to be a surprise. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] it balances you... it fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convennt two bar pack. this is nature valley. nature at its most delicious. no-charge scheduled maintenance. check. and here's the kicker... 0% apr for 60 months. and who got it? this guy.
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3:53 am
>> anna: look how great that graphic is. a hospital in north carolina has been rescuing and rabbiting and releasing sea turtles into the ocean. this dates back to 1997. this mornings look at anna kooiman. she's on her home turf in north carolina with a shell shocking story. hey, anna. >> hey there, ainsley. you know a little something
3:54 am
about the carolina salty air and sand between your toes. we're here and hundreds of people have gathered for an emotional release of two sea turtles today, including this one. this is twix. they're protected. this sea turtle hospital is approaching 400 sea turtles that they've really nursed back to health. this is the founder. good morning to you. >> good morning. so happy to have you here. hello. >> yeah. good morning. and a lot of times these sea turtles will get caught in boat propellers. what happened to him here? >> he was what we call -- caught in extreme temperature drop. they can't thermal regulate very well, so they turn into like a little ice cube. so we have to gradually warm them up. twix recovered beautifully. >> 400 sea turtles.
3:55 am
we have a logger sea turtle that you'll be releasing later. how did twix get his name? >> we all love chocolate and that seemed a natural name. >> they are ambassadors for conservation as a whole. >> if they can't survive the problem with the ocean today that we are creating, then it's a real problem. >> probably a lot of people have been walking along the beach and have seen these sea turtle nests. we have pictures. you excavate the nest? >> yes, we do, so we can see the hatching percentage. we like to keep an eye on that. we have another turtle with a tracker on. he's laid two nests and she's headed back in to lay foreone. >> we'll do that in the 8:00 o'clock hour. can we get to the release? >> absolutely. [ cheers and applause ] >> this is her mom and dad here. they came in for it, too.
3:56 am
let's do it! what they would like us to do is go where the first set of waves are break. this turtle is a little heavy, about 15 pounds. she or he, we don't know the sex of it yet, is really ready to go. is this a good spot? just after this one comes back. here we go. twix is ready to go. good job. he's just flapping around, ready to get out there. >> great job, anna, what a sweet story. growing up in the south, you know you have to respect the turtles when they're nesting. i grew up in south carolina. what's an interesting fact is the sea turtles generally come back to the beach wherever they were nesting to hatch their own eggs later. >> steve: this story has a happy ending. thank you very much. straight ahead, this rolling stone cover sparked a lot of outrage.
3:57 am
the accused boston bomber getting rock star treatment. a new detail about this story and you're not going to like it. >> brian: uncle kracker is rock our summer concert stage [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's four course seafood feast. choose youroup, salad, entree, plus dessert all ju $14.99. me into red lobster, and sea od differently. right now, go to for $10 off 2 select entrees. good monday through thsday. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999.
3:58 am
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if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. folks have suffered from frequent heartburn. but getting heartburn and then treating day after day is a thing of the past. block the acid with prilosec otc, and don't get heartburn in the first place. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. >> ainsley: good morning to you. it's friday, august 2. i'm ainsley earhart filling in for gretchen this morning.
4:00 am
a fox news alert. al-qaeda terror threat forced the united states to close embassies across the middle east. >> brian: and obamacare, is it good enough for you but not for congress or the irs chief? the same guy in charge of enforcing obamacare. the brand-new details will have you fired up this morning. >> steve: meanwhile, which cup of coffee has the most caffeine in it? starbucks? is it dunkin' donuts or mcdonald's? we've got the answer. we've got the tabulation. their secrets revealed straight ahead. tgif, thank goodness it's fox, hour two starts right now. ♪
4:01 am
america's my hometown ♪ ♪ >> steve: he's been here before, he's back on the big stage here at 48th and 6th avenue, uncle kracker, bunch of hits. today he'll entertain the crowd starting one hour from now. >> brian: one thing about the latest album, he's very diverse as a musician. he comes in 70 pounds lighter. that was your demand, come back next time but be in better shape. he's here and the big news, ainsley, is that i didn't get a chance to meet him last time. so this will be very exciting for me to be here. >> ainsley: we can't wait to see that. live on tv. >> brian: he'll be on stage in 29 minutes, and so we will talk to him. >> steve: which of these three coffees do you have for breakfast? one of them has a lot more caffeine. if you're watching the amount of caffeine you intake, you'll want to drink another one. details coming up. >> brian: if you pour it on your
4:02 am
lap, what hurts most? >> steve: the lawsuit. [ laughter ] >> brian: they have actually lukewarm coffee now because they're so afraid of being sued, we can't blister. >> steve: does say on the side, hot. >> brian: i will say this, i don't have cough cree in the morning anymore. you only have one cup a day. >> ainsley: you're cutting out the caffeine? >> brian: i want five hour energy. >> ainsley: we'll tell which you one has the most caffeine after the headlines. we start with a fox news alert. al-qaeda terror threat so serious, u.s. embassies are being shut down around the world. it will happen this sunday amid reports that the terror group is planning an attack. there are few details at this time. but the closed locations include afghanistan, iraq, israel, libya, and egypt. the state department also says that it's an unspecified threat. >> the department has been apprised of information that out of an abundance of caution and care for our employees and
4:03 am
others who may be visiting our installation, that indicates we should institute these precautionary steps. the department when conditions warrant, take steps to balance our continued operation with security and safety. >> ainsley: the senate foreign relations committee just passed a bill to increase embassy security in the wake of the benghazi terrorist attack. a first date ends in tragedy when an advertising executive plunges to her death when the railing on her balcony collapses. this happened here in new york city. here is her picture, 35-year-old jennifer. she went out for a smoke break, 17th floor with her date, and that's when the railing that she was leaning on gave way. >> i'm just shocked to hear that. very sad. very, very sad for the woman. >> ainsley: the woman's date is not accused of doing anything wrong here. we're expecting some big news on the economy this morning. the labor department releasing the monthly jobs report for july. economists are predicting slow growth with an increase of just
4:04 am
184,000 new jobs added. a slight dip in the unemployment rate also expected to 7 in5%. -- 7.5%. wall street will look to continue its streak. dow up to close at a record high of 15,628. talk about a wild ride, caught on camera, a man in russia running down a cop and driving for miles with that cop holding on to his hood. the officer was hurt when he eventually flew off the car. the suspect was arrested. a few days later. those are your headlines. >> brian: major nidal malik hasan is accused of slaughtering 13 people and injured 30 others in fort hood. direct communication from hasan to fox news, heather inaugurate has the very latest. >> good morning. this is a copyright here. it does have our fox logo on it because it was exclusive to fox that provides his answers to a series of questions that we posed. here is what we can tell but this right now.
4:05 am
it is the eve of his military trial. the accused fort hood shooter releasing these documents to fox and in it, he renounces his u.s. citizenship and abandons his military oath as a commissioned officer. you no longer have to refer to him as major nidal malik hasan. he explains his relationship in these documents with the radical cleric, anwar al al-awlaki. you may recall he had exchanged numerous e-mails with him before that massacre. hasan is charged in the november 2009 rampage that killed 13 at fort hood. staff sergeant sean manning was shot six times at the fort hood readiness center. listen to this. >> the government has treated -- has denied treating this as an act of terrorism. i hope if people hear the words from his own mouth that they'll understand this was an act of terrorism. >> these documents may change or force the government to change its classification of this.
4:06 am
hasan's attorney verified the authenticity of these documents and add the 42-year-old former army major directed him to provide these to fox news. an expert in the koran reviewed the documents and here is his take. >> i think it's clearly an after the fact issue where he now is trying to put the sort of personal jihad that he involved in, trying to put it into a larger religious and geopolitical context and justify what he's doing. >> he now faces the death penalty if convicted. once again, fox exclusive, this information right here and also on our web site straight from his mouth. back to you. >> steve: thank you very much. we're going to talk to peter johnson, jr. about that in a little while. you know the president of the united states regards the irs targeting of his political
4:07 am
rivals as a phony the irs. the acting head of the irs was in front of congress yesterday. the house ways and means committee, talking about obamacare. keep in mind the irs is going to be in charge of enforcing obamacare and making sure people sign up for it. well, there is danny werfel right there. extraordinarily, in his testimony he revealed the last thing the administration wanted to hear him say. he said he would like to keep his current insurance as would many members of the irs. they don't want to get forced into the obamacare exchanges. >> i prefer to stay with the current policy that i'm pleased with rather than go through a change if i don't need to go through that change. all else being equal, i think if you're an individual who is satisfied with your health care coverage, you're probably in a better position to stick with that coverage than go through the change of moving into a
4:08 am
different environment and going through that process. >> steve: how ironic is that? the agency that is charged with enforcing obamacare doesn't want obamacare. >> ainsley: you think is a way to just deflect his own scandals that are happening to the irs? >> steve: that's a good idea. start a new one. >> brian: right. now everyone will say, why is it that he's heading this up? why can't he be part of the magic, which is raising rates in ohio 41%? part of the brilliance that has georgians paying 198% more and indiana, they estimate that every individual will pay 72% more under obamacare. but the guy in charge of enforcing it, for those who refuse to get it, well, he's not getting it. incredibly embarrassing. >> ainsley: the account you put in if you want to put money in for medical reasons, there is now a $2,500 cap on that. >> brian: are you kidding? >> ainsley: you can only put in $2,500. then after that, done.
4:09 am
so parents with disabled children, they're really concerned about this. >> brian: they should be. >> steve: the president promised if you want to keep your insurance, you can. danny werfel and the irs finding out the hard way, you can't. meanwhile, a lot of people have gotten cell phones, free cell phones from the government over the last number of years. some refer to them as obama phones. there is a columnist for the national review on-line, jillian melcher. she does not qualify for one because you've got to be needy, right? well, because there is so little oversight, she was able to get not one, not two, but three obama phones. she was on last night explaining how. >> were you able to get a free phone? >> i was not only to get one, i was able to get three. i'm not eligible for any of them. >> how were you able to get them so easily? >> i think pretty much anywhere you can get food stamps, they have vendors out on the street who are approaching you and saying, do you have a free phone
4:10 am
yet? so i say no, or when i did have one, i said yes. and they would ask you whether you were on welfare of any kind. i said no, but i'd sure like to be. and that got me signed up. they pulled out their electronic tablet, take down my home address and send it off to me just like that. i was able to get three of the eight applications i put in. >> were you deceitful in any way in terms of answering the questions? >> i wasn't. i told the whole truth. when i got one phone in the mail, fcc rules are you can only have one phone per household. i got one phone and told them about it. i had vendors telling me, don't worry. it's okay. you can have one phone from every single vendor participating in the program. >> steve: there is very little oversight and so that's how she was able to pull it off. even though she answered everything truthfully. >> ainsley: if you're wondering where you pay for this, it's on your bill, the bottom of your bill, 2.50 every month. >> steve: the universal charge. >> ainsley: yes. if you have a cell phone, or any phone, even a land line. >> steve: every phone.
4:11 am
>> brian: so here is the big question of the day. when it's time to get the cup of coffee and you notice some people don't give that you jolt and some do, how much caffeine is inside them? let's reveal now. for example, the three that we have in fronts of you, mcdonald's is in the middle, playing the role is starbucks is tar bucks. and wide right is dunkin' donuts. out of those three, what has the most caffeine? first off, it is not dunkin' donuts with the most caffeine. >> steve: of the three we feature there, it is starbucks. >> brian: right. >> steve: actually they've got the most at about 20 1/2 miligrams per fluid ounce. look at that. the mccafe, the mcdonald's coffee has the least, 9.1 miligrams and dunkin' donuts in the middle. >> ainsley: can you taste caffeine? >> brian: the body can. >> ainsley: i think this one is the strongest. when you drink starbucks, you can taste it.
4:12 am
my favorite, 'cause it's sweet, is dunkin' donuts. >> steve: i like both of those. >> brian: i have one coffee a day. i usually go dunkin' donuts because i can't replace the lining of my stomach. that's what dunkin' donuts -- starbucks does to mine. >> steve: but if you want a real big jolt of caffeine, you should get death wish coffee. take a look that. 16 ounces has 660 miligrams. they say -- i was on the mayo clinic web site this morning. they say heavy users, between 5 and 600 miligrams a day, you wind up with in some cases insomnia, restlessness. but you could host a morning show. >> ainsley: right. >> brian: they don't care if you're restless. they just wants the interviews to go well. by the way, that's more than monster and red bull? that is unbelievable. >> steve: probably. they say moderate dose is between two and 300 milligrams.
4:13 am
>> brian: they should sell it with paddles. coming up next, taxpayer cash going to farmers. one problem, the farmers are dead. our next guest says this is just the tip of the iceberg, or the tip of the corn stalk. >> ainsley: and this really says -- the skiesed boston bomber getting rock star treatment. a new detail about this story and you're not going to like it [ male announcer ] come to the golden opportunity sales event and experience the connectivity of the available lexus enform, including the es and rx. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection.
4:14 am
♪ ♪ i've got something for you too. (announcer) fancy feast delights with cheddar. a meal that is sure to delight your cheese lover. now available in the classic form she loves. fancy feast. the best ingredient is love.
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icaused by acid reflux disease, relieving heartburn, relief is at hand. for many, nexium provides 24-hour heartburn relief and may be available for just $18 a month. there is risk of bone fracture and low magnesium levels. side effects may include headache, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. if you have persistent diarrhea, contact your doctor right away.
4:16 am
other serious stomach conditions may exist. don't take nexium if you take clopidogrel. relief is at hand for just $18 a month. talk to your doctor about nexium. >> brian: $33 million going to the department of agriculture shelled out more from 2008 to 2012 to people who were no longer living. yep. but they aren't the only ones who have made this mistake. and by the way, why does this keep happening? joining us right now is the news director for the tea party network news and columnist for town hall finance. scotty, how does this relate, these dead people getting checks, how does it relate to the farm bill? >> it's real simple. i know this is going to come as a big surprise to you, brian, but politicians don't normally read the bills and we know there is pork in almost every single bill. this is a great example of how
4:17 am
pork spending has happened and they've included this in the bill and basically until they get it out, these group, lobbyist groups in dc will continue to get millions of dollars going to farmers that have been dead for years. >> brian: wow. so you're able to find this out. but it doesn't seem in congress they're that curious. for example, dollars to the dead, department of agriculture. $33 million, as i mentioned in the open. between 08 and 2012. social security administration, 331 million. office much personnel management, 86.1 million through last year and the sim program in 2010 that passed has 18 million going to the dead. what are you doing about this besides alerting those in your tea party network? >> it's real simple. when you sit there and i guess the obama administration realized that they had given enough bribes to those above ground, so they're going to continue to bribe those people underground with basic entitle ams hoping they'll continue to vote for them, which would
4:18 am
explain why i had the choice at the voter box in november to either vote by ballot or by ouija board. going forward, it's one of those things we need to make sure that we're holding these politicians both on the republicans and democrat side's feet to the fire and a lot of these lobbyists are very powerful in dc and making sure those guys, the only people that are not getting funds are ones that might have passed years before. >> brian: i know tea party candidates obviously are going to hear your cry. have you found democrats on the other side equally as alarmed at this waste? >> of course not, because it actually benefits the democrats the most. 1.8 million people, dead people, are actually still on our voter rosters, which would probably explain why back in november, just days after the election in california, minnesota, north carolina, we were receiving stories of people who actually record their vote, yet had died years before. and so this actually usually benefits those on the democrat
4:19 am
side, oddly enough. we need to make sure those folks that are collecting these checks knowingly that they're doing false bidding, that they are prosecuted because they're committing fraud just like any other type of fraud we have here in the united states. >> brian: and almost like what's happening in sports right now. there has to be a fear of a penalty rather than someone saying i'll give it a. so worse comes to worse, they'll stop the checks. scotty -- >> in reality, i'm going to put that the government is just as likely to get rid of this issue and this pork spending as they are for the cubs to win the next world series. >> brian: right. i get it. thanks for the analogy. thank you very much. have a nice weekend. >> thank you. >> brian: straight ahead, this rolling stone cover sparked a lot of outrage with you, the accused boston bomber getting a rock star treatment. this morning a new detail about this story and you are not going to like it. it's got serious star power. denzel washington, mark walberg. but two guns, a blockbuster or a
4:20 am
bomb? that's what it's called? we'll fine out when we're joined by somebody who knows a lot about movies and got to watch them for free. >> don't miss. >> when have you ever seen me miss hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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4:22 am
4:23 am
>> ainsley: now your news by the numbers. first, 13,000 coffees. the controversial issue of rolling stone glamorizing the boston bombing suspect, selling twice as many copies as a normal issue. >> steve: great. >> ainsley: next, $116,000. that's how much the "new york post" reports amazon employees donated to president obama before scoring a rare exclusive interview. >> steve: what a coincidence. >> ainsley: 21.6 million young adults. that is the record number of people 18 to 31 years old still living at home in 2012.
4:24 am
the pew study found one of those reason, not enough jobs out there. >> steve: just another phony scandal. meanwhile, the weekend is here and that means many of us are going to head to the movies. what should we see and what should we skip? >> ainsley: kevin mccarthy joins with us a weekend movie review. hey, kevin. >> good morning. how are you guys? >> ainsley: great. what do you recommend? >> first off, this is a new movie with denzel washington and mark walberg. it's a cool concept, they're both undercover, but neither know the other person is undercover. walburg is a naval officer and denzel is a dea agent and they're trying to take down a drug cartel. one of those movies that perfectly balances action and comedy. the way the movie moves along, the pacing is perfect, action is great. the only problem with this film, there is a terrible five-minute section in the middle where the movie comes to a screeching halt. it's an awful, awful montage of
4:25 am
song choice. their chemistry is very, very good. bill paxton, i haven't seen him this good since "true lies." i recommend the matinee. >> steve: meanwhile, woody allen is back and he's got a new movie, it's getting a lot of buzz, but a little darker than your average woody allen movie? >> right. this is mind blowing. woody allen's 44th directed film. he's directed at least one movie a year since 1982 and he's 77 years old. this particular film deals with cate blanchett. she moves from new york to san francisco after a divorce from her husband, alec baldwin, brian kilmeade's best friend. this movie deals with this nervous breakdown of this character and she's going to be nominated for an academy award, mark my words. she's incredible. it's uncomfortable, brilliant,
4:26 am
watching her on camera. it's a tough movie, but also along the lines of woody allen movies like "midnight in paris." it's a great film. he's one of the most diverse film makers working today. >> brian: is he in it? >> he's not in the movie or woody allen character. alec baldwin is great. i gave it a four out of five, recommend it as an oscar nominee for cate blanchett. >> steve: something for the kids, the smurfs are out. >> yeah. smurfs 2, here is the -- by the way, the first smurf film made over $500 million world wide. the problem is, they don't have a good balance for adults and kids to like it. this is only for the kids. pixar has that balance. but there is really no jokes for the adults. hank azaria is great. the 3d is great for the kids. but i recommend skipping this. i gave it two out of five. i thought it was painful, more painful than getting hit in the
4:27 am
face with a basketball. >> steve: how dare you. >> brian: what does that mean? i want you to end with your best three movies in the theaters right now. >> see "the way way back," "fruitvale station," and" blue jazz," which is phenomenal. brian, if you don't have plans this weekend, you, me, a hot tub and kevin james movie. why not, buddy? >> brian: that's true. >> steve: you are so yesterday. [ laughter ] >> i know. >> brian: thank you very much. >> ainsley: thanks so much. >> steve: that's right. for people who didn't see yesterday's show, that just seemed weird. >> brian: yeah. you have to look it up. it's on youtube. next, brand-new information about the nsa leaker ed snowden. he's out of the moscow airport. he was in a cab. where is he living now? we just found out. >> steve: terrific. >> ainsley: and uncle kracker is rocking our summer concert
4:28 am
series stage. there they are. there is uncle kracker himself. stick around. ♪ ♪ check out the ba' fall hunting classic. where you can save up to an extra $100 during our bow and crossbow trade-in sale. and hone your skills at free seminars by top pro hunters. bass pro shops. your adventure starts here.
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4:30 am
>> brian: we are back without music. time for your shot of the morning. talk about food to go, check out this bear. he goes dumpster diving behind a german restaurant in colorado.
4:31 am
>> ainsley: there is no diving involved. >> brian: then he has a change of heart and decides he'll eat and run. is this yogi? he took the dumpster with him. this is the second time this week a bear has hauled away one of the dumpsters. >> ainsley: it's a real bear. first i thought it was a man dressed up. >> steve: no, it's real. we have bear in our neighborhood and they open up the garbage can and pull out a hefty bag and have lunch right there. >> brian: are the woods crowded or something? like why are the bears running for us? >> steve: just remember, the bear were there before we were. >> brian: how do you know? until dr. siegle tells me, i don't believe anything. >> ainsley: remember dr. seuss, the bear were there before we were. >> brian: that's true. you're a rhyming machine. that's why your spinoff is here, limericks with steve. >> steve: there once was a girl from nantucket.
4:32 am
>> ainsley: no! >> steve: there really was one. >> brian: that's true. >> ainsley: we have serious news to get to. brand-new information about edward snowden, will be living with american expatriots in their home until he can rents his own place. russia granted him asylum for one year. he's allowed to live there and even work without fear of prosecution. that has infuriated the white house. officials now saying president obama is now leaning against his plan to meet with president putin next months.steve? >> steve: six years after two home invaders took the lives of his wife and two daughters, dr. william pettitte is getting a second chance at fatherhood. he and his new wife announced they are expecting their first child together. his life changed back in 2007. told you about the story back then when two gunmen held his family hostage before burning down the house, killing all of them. he was severely beaten in the crime. he met his new wife years later and reportedly asked his late
4:33 am
wife's family for permission to marry her. >> ainsley: something to look forward to for him. a state attorney general putting the coo bash on a school district's plans to arm employees at the start of this coming school year. the attorney general determined they had no right to provide workers with hand guns. faculty had been participating in training programs. administrators were hoping to arm 20 staff members on the campus beginning in september, but the a.g. says it's illegal. >> steve: why don't they bring their own gun? call it synchronized dance for dinner. >> are you hungry? it's ready! it's dinner time! ♪ dinner time ♪ who wants dinner time ♪ 'cause hungry, hungry hungry girls ♪ ♪ yea >> steve: it's dinner and a show. these dogs spinning around and around when their owner breaks into song announcing it's dinner
4:34 am
time. they keep going until the song is over. dinner is served and they get dizzy. >> ainsley: how cute. >> steve: adorable. let's go out to brian kilmeade who has got a look at sports. >> brian: thanks a lot. as you know, making mal news right now, what's happening in baseball and drug related suspensions, baseball hall of famer cal ripken, junior is trying to find out who kidnapped his mom a year ago and offering a $100,000 out of his own pocket. she was taken from her home in maryland, then found the next day in a vehicle nearby with no injuries. but her son says she's far from back to normal. >> she's more cautious. she's more careful. and her decisions aren't so easy anymore. but again, as time goes on, i've noticed that more and more old mom keeps coming out. >> brian: police say they have no new leads, but looking for a
4:35 am
white male in his 30s and 40s in the baltimore area. and aaron hernandez says he's innocent of murdering anybody, especially odin lloyd. he sent a letter from prison. it's now gone viral. he's now written to a total stranger, a fan recently wrote the former new england patriot and hernandez replied saying this: i've always been a great person and known for having an amazing heart. i know there is a reason i'm going through this and i'll figure it out through my relationship with the lord. his next hearing is scheduled for later this month. finally, let's give you the latest on what's going on with alex rodriguez. the "new york post" says suspensions coming down today. sorry, uncle kracker, of detroit he'll be shelled for 50 games. nelson cruz did you know -- done for the years. cabrera out for 50 games. a-rod, he's holding out on a
4:36 am
deal. he's reportedly trying to reach it to avoid a lifetime ban. but no break in the case. look for this, if the feds bring up the case and have to call him and put him under oath to describe exactly what he's done on penalty of jail, then it could get really embarrassing for him. look for a deal to come by this week. meanwhile, maria molina poised to give us the weather. how do i know? i can see her. >> i can see you, too. good morning, everyone. today hot temperatures across texas and it's typical that during august you see hot temperatures in texas. but the problem is we actual will he have a lot of humidity in place as well. we have a number of heat advisories because of how hot it's going to be feeling here. not just in texas, but also sections of louisiana and parts of arkansas. we could see heat index values as high as 110 degrees. you're talking dangerous levels of heat out here. that heat will remain in place in cities like dallas, continuing over the next several days. take a look at dallas, the only day you're not hitting triple digits is sunday. otherwise across the great lakes, highway temperatures in
4:37 am
the 80s and upper 70s. 785 will be the high -- 85 will be the high in new york city. showers and storms across the center of the country. could see severe weather with some of the storms, danieling winds and large -- damaging winds and large hail. let's head back to ainsley and brian. >> ainsley: thank you. look who is with us. brian, this is your chance to be introduced to uncle kracker. >> brian: i'm a big fan. you know what? matt shaver, you were half the man you used to be. you lost a lot of weight! >> a little bit. >> brian: how did you do it? >> we have a secret. i just quit eating like a dummy. [ laughter ] >> brian: that would be a good cookbook. >> it is tough. it's easy to eat like a dummy. >> ainsley: you're from the detroit area. they're been in the news lately. brian wanted to ask you some questions about that. like as far as the bankruptcy is concerned. >> brian: you're still living there. what is your response when all of this went down and people are saying detroit is going through all this trouble?
4:38 am
>> i didn't really have a response. i've been on tour for the last four months, so -- i just keep reading about it in the newspapers. it's been bad for a while up there. it's like anybody didn't see it coming. everybody knows it's coming. >> ainsley: it's a sad story. i've been up there. home of motown. >> great place. >> ainsley: absolutely. you're good friends with kid rock. devastating. it's sad to see detroit going through a hardship. >> it is. but you know what? it's not like it hasn't happened before. we bounce back. we always have, we will. it's what makes it an even better place to be. >> brian: let's talk about your music career. what's the role kid rock played in getting you the superstar dom you experience today? >> he was very key in everything i've done. still very key in everything i do. we're best friends. all my advice comes from him. everything. >> ainsley: you played turntable for him, right? >> yeah, years and years ago. had a lot of fun.
4:39 am
>> ainsley: he's such a nice guy. how did you get started in the music industry? >> i think i got my first record deal when i was 15. i was making rap records when i was 15. as far back as then, that kid rock got me out of my first record deal, oddly. it was a long, weird, twisted story. >> ainsley: you went from rap to country. that's a big change. >> it is. but it was gradual. back then, even for kid rock, just being a dj in general, just to have a general passion for music, so no matter what it was, whether it was rap, country, whether it was rock'n'roll, just a general appreciation for all types of music put me in the spot i'm in now. >> brian: i believe your first album when you break out, your top sale, you were 7th overall. and now all of a sudden, you've reached superstar dom. what is it like? you want to be a great musician. where is fame and fortune figure in to that? >> i don't know if it does figure into it.
4:40 am
the only thing that figure noose that is -- figures into that is just love for what you're doing and being happy with where you're at and what you're doing. i think that's the only thing -- i don't think i heard the question. >> brian: no, no, you got it. >> i'm kidding. >> brian: obviously you got it. here is the thing, what are you going to play for us now today? >> we're going to play a couple old songs, couple new songs, couple -- little bit of everything. one that's not mine. might play one that's not yours. >> brian: definitely one that won't be mine. >> all i know is it's early out here. >> brian: did you go out last night? >> i didn't. >> brian: so it's no problem. you're ready to go. >> i'm ready to rock. >> ainsley: we're ready to hear it. >> brian: what's the first song you're leading with? >> "follow me first." >> brian: does that sound good, guys? [ cheering ] >> ainsley: famous dave's hot dogs out here. if you're in new york city, come on down.
4:41 am
>> brian: great to see you. uncle kracker is here. let's go back inside. steve, what's coming up straight ahead? >> steve: will do. thank you very much. next up on the run down, jody foster just played hero to fellow hollywood heavyweight jamie lee curtis. we've got the pictures from the real life story that sounds like it was ripped right from the movie screen. and our friend larry gatlin always says, quote, when you're outgo exceed your income, it will be your default. he joins us live next from nashville. ♪
4:42 am
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>> ainsley: welcome back. quick headlines for you. far from fabulous news for the former goldman sachs trader known as fabulous fab. found liable on six of seven fraud claims in the 2007 mortgage crisis. prosecutors called torre the face of wall street greed. and it's like a scene from a movie. jamie lee curtis rushed to the hospital after this serious car crash. her first call, not 911. it's jody foster. the two can be seen in these
4:45 am
photos next to the totaled suv in california. tmz reports curtis was the passenger in the suv that crashd into a bmw. after getting the call, foster rushed to her side. she was later released with minor injuries. steve? >> steve: thank you very much. a shrinking tax base, pension payout, high paying union jobs, just some of the things that led experts to say that that all contributed to the city of detroit's $20 billion in debt and the bankruptcy they filed recently. our next guest says put it all in perspective and when your outgo exceeds your income, your upkeep will be your downfall. the words of the prophetic country music star larry gatlin who joins us live from nashville where he's looking around. hey, how are you doing? >> how are you? >> steve: i'm doing better than detroit. detroit should have seen this coming. when you spend lots more on your outgo than your income, that
4:46 am
will be your downfall, to quote you. >> detroit had a real serious maybe terminal case of cranial rectumitis. that's a technical term. in 1954, a little half breed indian woman who was born on a reservation southeast of oklahoma never had more than a second grade education issue never had a bank account, but she pulled her grandson to her and put her arms around him and said, listen, larry wayne, she handed him a 5-dollar bill. she said, you take good care of that and don't spend that like a fool because it may be the last one i ever get to give you. she had been through the depression and knew banks would close. she never had a bank account or credit card. never yet wrote a check in her life. she paid her bill every saturday morning after my grandfather gave her his check from sinclair oil company on friday afternoon. she told me, don't you ever forget this, as she handed me that five. when your outgoing exceeds your income, your upkeep will be your downfall.
4:47 am
brother geithner, bernanke, larry summers, whoever you are, wherever you are, she's smarter than you are. she never had any more than a second grade education. my friends dr. art laffer, mr. president, i know you're a big fox fan. laffer, his office opens at about 10:00 o'clock. call him. if you'll call him by about 11, do what he says by 1:30, this formerly great country of ours will get back on track by about 4. art laffer. >> steve: he's a brilliant economist. the people in detroit have a plan. they say, you know, we got to change things the way we're doing things right now. we're going to do a number of the retirees for the city of detroit, they currently have their own private health insurance, but sounds like they're going to push them into the obamacare exchanges to try to -- or medicare, medicaid, to save money. is that a good idea?
4:48 am
>> they'll have plenty of room because of all the states who have opted out and we're even gog put that employer mandate. there will be a lot of room in the irs. here is the way they shift that around. it's like those two boys in atlanta who decide to go in the watermelon business. they went down to florida ask bought watermelons for 50 cents apiece. they came back up to atlanta, sold them two for a dollar and one of them got to counting the money and he said, we're going to have to have a bigger truck. [ laughter ] >> steve: that's right. i was talking about medicare. one other thing for you, a lot of the people around the country are worried that detroit probably going to wind up with some sort of a federal bailout, which means all of us have got to pay for their economic stupidity. >> what's your point? isn't that the way we do things around here? >> steve: unfortunately. >> sure it is. somebody gets in trouble -- you know what? they hadn't come to bail me out lately. i've got a five piece band, i pay $500 a day for a bus.
4:49 am
you ought to try to pay the airline bill for southwest airlines for larry wayne gatlin. really, i'm telling you. as my friend roger miller said, he said a lot of people are coming to his shows dressed as empty seats. [ laughter ] think about that one. we don't have as many people because they don't have any money. and i'm having to cut my drummer's pay. i had to cut the brother's pay. they weren't happy about it. i don't want to bail them out! i want to take care of the gatlin brothers. that's my first job. >> steve: there you go. larry gatlin talking about his first job, his mama and so much more, joining us from nashville, thank you. >> see you. enjoyed it. tell everybody hi. >> steve: think your boss hates you? here could be a clue. >> three coffee, two regular, one decaf, all with splenda and three breakfast sandwiches. >> steve: is there anything you can do about that? yes. cheryl casone has got the tips coming up. plus, we're wrapping up our wake-up with us series focusing on hard working americans who
4:50 am
get up before the sunrises. today maria molina suits up to ride along with the police. ♪ [ female announcer ] it balances you... it fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convennt two bar pack. this is nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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4:53 am
>> ainsley: welcome back. all week we've been highlighting hard working americans who wake up before the sun rises with all of us. >> brian: maria got to check out one of the most dangerous jobs there is, right? >> that's right. i visited nasa county third precinct on long island and shadowed a police officer to find out what it takes to keep the streets safe all night. this is officer jim dupont. he has been with the nassau county police department for about 19 years now, right?
4:54 am
>> yep. >> tell us a little bit about your work shift. what how do you typically begin and end? >> we start around 7:00 o'clock at night and we end at 7:00 o'clock 2349 morning. >> what are things you usually carry with you when you're heading out? >> the first and foremost is you have to wear a vest. you're not allowed to leave tonight's until you have one. put this over your head. and then you just adjust it this way. lift your arms up. you're all set to go. >> i'm all ready. let's go ahead and patrol the streets. ♪ >> although the night gets off to a tie yet start, about an hour later, we find ourselves responding to the burglary of a local panera bread. >> somehow the female managed to get through the front door, i guess followed the manager in and forced all the employees into the back and went into the manager's office and stole some currency. >> the investigation into this crime is just beginning and can take all night. with the number of officers already on the scene, we think it's safe to hit the road and
4:55 am
continue our patrol. soon after that, we're called to respond to a very different emergency. >> nassau police emergency. >> my mom is having a heart attack. >> one that could mean the difference between life and death. >> seconds count when you have somebody that has a heart attack. >> we received a call that a person here was having heart palpitations or possible heart attack and what happened is two police officers showed up, along with an emt and now the person will be carried on a stretcher into the ambulance and taken to the nearest hospital. after seeing this woman get the help she needs, we head back to headquarters. right now it's 3:03 in the morning. at this time i think one of the most typical crimes would be someone driving under the influence. >> people that are arrested for dwi get transported directly to headquarters. >> what would happen to me if i suspected of driving drunk? >> that's where you'll be sitting for the next few hours.
4:56 am
>> veiled to say a breathizer and if i didn't pass, i would find myself in a jail cell much like these inmates. this is one of the final steps in arrest processing before being placed into a cell. they would have my fingerprints taken, and also my mug shot. four hours after arriving at the nassau county police department, our time here is up. but remember, officer dupont's shift is far from over. it's currently 3:30, 3:40 in the morning. you still have several more hours to go. we saw so much just tonight. >> yeah, 'cause you never know what's going to happen on this job in the next three hours. never a dull moment around here. >> steve: good mug shot. >> ainsley: you should have made your hair crazy. >> i was actually trying to look good. >> we want to give a special thank you to the nassau county police department and officer jim dupont for letting us tag along. >> brian: nassau county cops are the best in the country. >> steve: all right. meanwhile, straight ahead, the
4:57 am
accused fort hood murderer, nidal malik hasan, has denounced his u.s. citizenship and even admitted to talking to a terror mastermind. so why is he being charged with workplace violence and not terrorism? the exclusive letters you'll only see on fox coming up. >> ainsley: and the white house calls benghazi a phony scandal. why geraldo thinks there is some truth to that [ jackie ] its just so frustrating...
4:58 am
4:59 am
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>> ainsley: good morning to you. it's friday. you made it through your workweek. congratulations, it's august 2. i'm ainsley earhart filling in for gretchen. fox news alert, credible and serious threat. that's what is forcing dozens of united states embassies in muslim countries to close now. the latest details on the al-qaeda chatter. >> steve: and he's the editor of the newspaper that compared fox news channel to the ku klux klan. now he says he's sorry. sort of. geraldo rivera weighs in on this straight ahead. >> brian: you better not call anyone a, quote, citizen if you live in this city. that word is about to be banned by the government because it is -- get this -- too offensive. we'll tell you where. i guess steve wants to hear right away. "fox & friends" after the animation starts now.
5:01 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> steve: you're looking live at uncle kracker singing one of his big hits called "follow me." he's the featured performer
5:02 am
today on the all american summer concert series. he's going to sing a full song at the conclusion of this hour. if you'd like to keep watching him live, go to for our live stream on today's festivities. >> brian: he's got at least three genres of music. the last one of his cd is country. >> ainsley: he started as a rapper and moved into country. >> brian: he said in detroit, a lot of people from the south moved to detroit to get manufacturing jobs. he said in his house, detroit was nothing to do with motown, it was all about country. >> how do we feel about his name? you couldn't name yourself uncle kracker these days. it's like uncle n word. >> brian: he said just don't call him cracker. he said you have to call him uncle kracker. or you could call him matt. might be your choice. >> just don't call him late to the barbecue. >> ainsley: we'll ask him where he got the name. >> hopefully had has historical
5:03 am
significance. >> steve: geraldo rivera, as always, provocative. we have a bunch of stuff to talk to him, including the phony scandal, benghazi. >> brian: he also doesn't like when you touch him. >> i do. it looks like i'm brightening up. you look like you're dressed for october. [ laughter ] >> ainsley: all right. i am the one telling them to stop talking about fashion this morning so we can get straight to the headlines. this is a change, right? a fox news alert to tell you about. we're expecting big news on the economy in just about half an hour. the labor department releasing the monthly jobs report for july. economists are predicting slow growth with an increase of 184,000 new jobs added. a slight dip in the unemployment rate expected to 7.5%. meantime, wall street will look to continue its record streak. the dow up more than 120 points to close at a record high of 15,628. s & p 500 doing exceptionally well yesterday as well. a first day ends in tragedy when
5:04 am
an advertising executive plunges to her death after a railing on her balcony collapses. this happened right here in new york city. here is her picture. 35-year-old jennifer went out for a smoke break, 17th floor with her date and that's when the railing that she was leaning on gave way. >> i'm just shocked to hear that. very sad. it's very, very sad for the woman. >> ainsley: the woman's date is not being accused of any wrongdoing here. overnight, new outrage over obamacare. that's because we have just learned lawmakers reached a deal that would allow congressional employees to get a waiver from the health care law. and the acting director of the irs, the same agency in charge of imemploymenting obamacare, says he'll take a pass. >> i prefer to stay with the current policy that i'm pleased with rather than go through a change if i don't need to go through that change. all else being equal, i think if you're in an individual who is satisfied with your healthcare
5:05 am
coverage, you're probably in a better position to stick with that coverage than go through the change of moving into a different environment and going through that process. >> ainsley: the house is now planning to vote on a bill to prevent the irs from implementing obamacare. words like citizen and brown bag are offensive? government workers in seattle are being told not to use those words. the city's office of civil rights sent out a memo saying to avoid the words because some people might find them offensive. they say that brown bag has been used to judge skin color and that people in that city are not citizens. they are residents. those are your headlines. >> brian: fox news alert. u.s. embassy shutting down across the world because of a terror threat from al-qaeda. elizabeth prann live in washington with the latest details. >> good morning. because of the threat of terrorist attacks, a number of u.s. embassies and consulates will be closing on sunday for a precautionary measure. we do know u.s. intel did pick up on a number of warning signs
5:06 am
concerning enough for officials to close diplomatic posts in the middle east, as well as other muslim countries. while american diplomatic missions in europe and latin america and other countries are typically closed on sunday, it is a regular workday for many in arab, as well as middle eastern countries, places such as egypt, iraq, afghanistan, kuwait, the closures we are learning, do have something to do with terror concerns or unspecified security concerns. we are hearing from the state department who is releasing this information, although they do have very few details. listen. >> department has been apprised the information that out of an abundance of caution and care for our employees and others who may be visiting our installation, indicates we should institute these precautionary steps. >> we haven't heard from the administration as far as reaction is concerned, although the president did meet with the yemen president yesterday. he said that country is working to crack down on al-qaeda. listen. >> because of some of the very
5:07 am
effective military reforms that the president there initiated when he came into this office, what we've seen is al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula or aqup, moved back out of territories that it was controlling. >> the state department saying there is a possibility those embassies could stay closed for longer than just one day. we'll have to wait and see. back to you. >> steve: all right. thank you very much, elizabeth prann. let's bring in geraldo rivera. we'll talk about benghazi. the news now is that apparently there were dozens of c.i.a. operatives there in benghazi that night. the president has referred to this as a phony scandal. but it looks as if the people who worked for the government, c.i.a. guys, diplomats, things like that, have been given monthly polygraphs to make sure they're not talking to the press, and also they're moving them around and changing their
5:08 am
identities. it sounds like there is something to hide. >> let me take it in order. first of all, i think it's a good idea to close the embassies in the radical countries in the muslim world. why? because if we did not and something awful happened, we'd say we didn't even learn the lesson of benghazi last anniversary of 9-11. and the end of ramadan. so it is a good protective step. it's something we should have done last year. could have averted a lot of the tragedy. i think the death of the ambassador and the three heros in benghazi that day. in terms of the c.i.a. being on the ground in benghazi, we have been reporting that for months now. you'll recall right on the curvy couch, i suggested that the story was the c.i.a. was there to collect the shoulder fired surface to air missiles and other advanced weapons to transport them to turkey and from turkey to the rebels in syria. >> steve: fast and furious. >> the government c everything o
5:09 am
suppress the news or the knowledge of exactly what that operation was. >> brian: hillary clinton was asked about that directly and she acted like, i think it was rand paul, had nine heads. what are you talking about? >> remember at the time, brian, clearly we are sure they are extremely sensitive about the notion of what the c.i.a., what that secret op was. but it also presents the scenario that you had a couple of dozen armed fighters. we were not as, you know, as caught without any power in benghazi at that time. it was the c.i.a. operators who went from the annex to the consulate to rescue the rescue mission. of course, by that time it was too late for ambassador stevens and his colleague, but we had a substantial force on the ground in the c.i.a. operators. now, whether the c.i.a. was talking to the defense department, that's problematic and we would like to know that. but i don't know how long it's going to be before that
5:10 am
information is released. >> ainsley: how normal is this for them to do these polygraph with the c.i.a. operatives that were there on the ground and then move them around and change their names? >> i don't know. we don't know -- >> steve: it's just suspicious. >> well, they have not allowed any of the wounded, for instance, or any of the participants to speak to the media or even to the -- >> steve: why not? >> brian: does that bother you? >> because the nature of the c.i.a. this is the most secret, ultrasecret agency -- i'm not defending it, brian. >> ainsley: someone is talking -- >> it's not as extraordinary as perhaps being made out. look at all the c.i.a. operations we had in central america, in south america, in southeast asia over the years. they are in the secret business. >> brian: would you conclude -- what you concluded it wasn't four guys holding off massive. it was -- >> they were also shooting -- i think they got overrun -- they
5:11 am
got overrun in the consulate -- the annex, they weren't overrun. the two who died in the annex were killed by a lucky shot. >> brian: if there were just two guys, you're saying 35 were on the ground helping out those guys? >> right, of the 35, i'm not sure they were all operators. they could have been some clerks, some signals people, but definitely had some fighters also. >> steve: it sounds like they're trying to cover it up. >> no doubt. >> steve: let's talk about this. the new haven register newspaper on the editorial pages compared fox news to the kkk. they have since apologized. they said this, we did not intend to compare fox news specifically to the kkk and we should have done a better job clarifying that there is no comparing fox news and the republican party to the kkk and we were wrong in making that connection. what's odd, though, is right there on their web page next to
5:12 am
the so-called apology was a little frame from the simpsons that was an absolute slap at fox news. >> this was a low down and dirty, despicable comparison. one thing you learn in the news business, you don't use analogies to the kkk or to the nazis, for example, when you're saying somebody was so aggressive in terms of exercising government power, he was a nazi. you don't do that. 6 million people died from the nazis. you don't use the kkk. lynchings and other horrible torture of black people. >> brian: what about the apology. >> steve: what about the apology? >> this person should be ashamed of himself and whoever owns the new haven register, really, this was below the belt. this was disgusting. you should be ashamed of yourselves and the people of connecticut should reject you. i mean, are we now going to start using these blasphemies
5:13 am
whenever we don't agree with someone's political philosophy or their professed ideology or the suspected ideology? this is beyond the pail. this is unacceptable. they really have done something that i think is unforgivable. >> brian: i imagine that's going to fit into the geraldo at large format this week when we watch you. am i correct? >> actually it's my daughter's eighth birthday and we're celebrating that. >> ainsley: where has the time gone. >> brian: mail geraldo gifts. >> she is such a doll. she cut off her long hair and donated it to locks of love. >> ainsley: just like her dad, big heart. >> steve: erica we know you're watching, happy anniversary. straight ahead on this friday telecast, think your boss hates you? here is a clue she does. >> okay. here is what i need. three coffees, two regular, one decaf. all with splenda and three breakfast sandwiches. >> steve: the signs that you could be about to lose your job. cheryl casone with that.
5:14 am
>> ainsley: she's a tough boss. >> brian: then the accused fort hood shooter denounces his citizenship. why are we calling this a workplace shooting? peter johnson, jr. is here. i can't always keep my kids' socks clean. but at least i can help keep their underwear clean. that's why there's charmin ultra strong. i'll take that. go get 'em, buddy! it cleans so well and you can use up to four times less than the leading bargain brand. [ female announcer ] charmin ultra strong has a duraclean texture that's soft and more durable
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to help your kids get clean while still using less. and its four times stronger than the leading bargain brand. wow, you cleaned up a lot! you did too, pal! [ laughs ] we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra strong?
5:16 am
>> steve: the accused fort hood shooter released several pages of documents exclusively to fox news channel. in these notes, he denounces his u.s. citizenship and also ties
5:17 am
himself to terrorist on war al-awlaki. throughout the document and on his own business cards, hasan uses the acronym with soa, son of allah. why does the white house classify this as workplace violence? let's talk to peter johnson, jr. who is really agitated. >> well, i think all americans are agitated about it. 13 people killed, 30 injured, mowed down in one of the worst terrorist attacks on american soil that we've seen. obviously doesn't meet september 11 standards. but people mowed down in the middle of a military installation and so the federal government responds that, we need to really be fair to his rights in terms of a trial, which is coming up next week. so if we give you the purple heart, you courageous american soldiers, if we give you benefits that are in line with people who have been wounded in
5:18 am
a war, in a terror act that somehow we're going to abridge his rights, well, now maybe he's given up his rights today. maybe he said and he has said, i don't want to be an american citizen. i'm renouncing -- >> steve: can you do that? >> you can't do it legally. you've got to go before an official. if you're outside the united states, and there are ways of doing it inside the united states. you can't do it. but this is what i say, let's accept it. let's accept his renunciation of citizenship today. the white house should say, yes. they like to do things by executive order all the time anyway and ignore congress and the supreme court and say we're going to act on the will of the people. the will of the people this morning is that we don't want him as an american citizen and we happily accept his rejection of our principles in this country. name him a terrorist. give him a trial. give these people the purple heart. give them the benefits they need. you've interviewed the sergeant. brian has, i have on this show.
5:19 am
other people involved with that act of terror on that day, they're not getting benefits. do you know how much he's collected in income while he sits in that jail allegedly preparing for the trial? $300,000. meanwhile, american soldiers deprived of the purple heart, deprived of the honor that they earned on that day, deprived of the benefits that they should be getting as wound soldiers. so your citizenship is over. we're taking it back. give you a trial. what happens is what happens. but for leon panetta to say this should be examined in the context of workplace violence, that's ridiculous. that's unamerican. >> steve: absolutely. peter johnson, jr., have a great weekend. >> good to see you. >> steve: thank you. meanwhile straight ahead, think your boss hates you? this could be a clue.
5:20 am
>> where y'all going? >> we have a meeting. didn't you get the e-mail? >> no, i didn't. >> that's weird. >> steve: there are some other signs you're about to lose your job. cheryl casone apparently has heard them before. she's going to lay them out. and then this is what happened while you were sleeping. we're going to tell you what caused this massive fight between lawmakers. but first out to our plaza. our performer today, uncle kracker performing "when the sun goes down." ♪ all day long i've been taking it easy ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:21 am
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>> steve: quick headlines for you now. could booze mean big bucks for the postman? the post master general says the cash-strapped agency could make $50 million a year if they started delivering beer and wine and other types of alcohol. the postal service lost $16 billion last year. and that could help take up the slack. a nuclear war literally in taiwan. the kicking and screaming in parliament, cage match in parliament before a vote to finish a nuclear power plant. it's a heated issue.
5:25 am
supporters say there will be widespread power shortages without the new plant. critics say it's a safety risk after japan's fukushima disaster. brian, over to you. >> brian: do you ever get the feeling your boss hates your guts? >> ainsley: maybe he or she just isn't that in to you, brian, and it's making work life miserable for all of the people who have to work with you. cheryl casone is here to tell us what we can do. >> so if have you ever seen that movie "he's just not that into you," sometimes your boss is not. >> brian: give me an example. >> brian, has this ever happened to you? >> all right. what do we have? >> what if we start working on a logo. >> i agree. >> perfect idea. i think we are done here. [ laughter ] >> brian: ignored during a meeting. that's bad. >> they ignore you, they don't want to hear your ideas. what she could do at the end of this meeting, as everyone was
5:26 am
standing up, she could have said, hey, hey, i got one more idea. you got tore assertive. >> brian: what about this next one? >> have you ever been assigned, brian, a menial task? >> brian: yes. why? >> okay. i need three coffee, two regular, one decaf. all with splenda and three breakfast sandwiches now. >> i did not get a masters degree for this. >> yes, danielle is having a bad work experience. they give you menial tasks to do. but here is what she could do, to do it. she's got to make it happen and have a follow up meeting with her boss to say, i got all your coffee and sandwiches, but guess what, here is a story pitch that i have for you. and here is your coffee and the story pitch. you've got to add in extra things and surprise them. it's kinds of like the movie "devil wears prada." add in extra stuff. >> ainsley: or say yes, i need your credit card or keep it and
5:27 am
use it later. >> brian: that's not good advice. stick to the script, please, ainsley. >> ainsley: what if you are excluded at work? >> here is an example of being excluded at you're job. >> where are you going is? >> we have a meeting for the kill immediate project, did you get the e-mail? >> no. >> she wasn't included, but she could pick thencely project. that's what -- the ainsley project. that would be much better anyway. >> brian: amaying. that would be more fun. >> what she could do is pitch the ainsley project and then make sure she follows up. but be aware in the office. i know she's upset. as you can tell, she's not having a good day. don't gossip. keep it to yourself. call your therapist or friends, but don't complain to co-workers. >> brian: or ainsley's therapist. much more understanding. >> i'm in her office too much.
5:28 am
i'm wondering if you've ever been micromanaged at your job. >> did you get the assignment done? >> yes. >> did you send the e-mail i needed to you send? >> yes. >> did you do my photocopies? >> uh-huh. >> you are one tough boss. >> we're not messing around here at fox business. they micromanage you. >> brian: they don't trust you. >> basically no. what she needs to do at this point is, again, it goes back to if she's given three task, four tasks, come up with -- she's got to stand up for herself and get more assertive with her boss. also, you may be set up sometime with the boss later in that week to say look, i've got a lot of ideas. i feel like i'm being kind of -- the clamp is coming down on me in the office. so let's have some discussions. you got to talk it out. it's like therapy, my god. >> ainsley: one of those ideas could be guess what, boss, i'm going to be taking a job somewhere else. maybe that's the time to say, got to go. >> 60% of american workers say the number one thing they hate about their jobs is their boss.
5:29 am
bosses should be watching this segment. one more thing. has this ever happened to you at your job? >> hey, are we still on for that meeting? >> yes. we are. >> hey, i can't make that meeting today. sorry. >> ready to go to lunch? >> yeah. >> all right! >> why do i get nervous every time you come out of that door? >> brian: if you can't get ahold of your boss, she doesn't want to spend time with you, that's also a signal. >> absolutely. your boss doesn't want to talk to you. kind of like when i see you -- >> brian: that is not true. >> really, what she's got to do, obviously she was less interested in the meeting, i was less interested in the meeting than going to lunch with mr. cutie 21-year-old intern. >> brian: totally inappropriate, by the way. >> but again, she needs to ask me to lunch. obviously that's more interesting to me than having a meeting in my office. it's horrible to have a horrible boss. it really is. but you've got to be assertive
5:30 am
because sometimes you don't have the option of quitting. you don't have the option of finding another job retama. >> brian: and moving in with your parents. you're a terrible person. >> thank you. >> ainsley: just how easy to get an obama phone? roll the tape. >> i think i pretty much anywhere that you can get food stamps, they have vendors on the street who are approaching you and saying, do you have a free phone yet? >> ainsley: she got not one, not two, but three free phones and she's not even eligible. more from her coming up next. >> brian: then anna kooiman is live in north carolina on the beach where she's about to release a sea turtle back into the wild. i think that sea turtle is happy. >> steve: uncle kracker is performing "smile." how do i know? >> brian: i can hear. ♪
5:31 am
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5:33 am
>> steve: fox business alert. monthly jobless numbers just out. the july unemployment rate now 7.4%. that's down from 7.6% the month before.
5:34 am
162,000 jobs were added in july. 184,000 were expected. we'll talk to nicole petallides. she's going to be live down at the stock exchange in a couple more minutes as more americans continue to look for work. >> brian: no show would be completed then watching nicole talk to us and walk to starbucks. >> steve: we're going to talk about which of your coffees you drink has the most caffeine. so we got a busy time half hour. brand-new photo shows nsa leaker edward snowden leaving the moscow airport. he lived in it for more than a month. there he is there. he will be living with manner ex-pats in their home until he can rent his own place. russia granted him asylum for one year. he's allowed to live there and even work without the fear of prosecution. that has infuriated the white house. officials now say president obama is now leaning against his plan to meet with president
5:35 am
putin next month. >> brian: what's next? the olympics? new york post reports major league baseball will suspend nine players who aren't named alex rodriguez. there are other players involved. the players expected to include johnny piralta, johnny cruz, everett cabrea. plus it's believed the bans will be 50 games. as for a-rod, it's tough to find out what the truth is, but major league baseball wants him banned through at least next season. he'll be 40 years old when he comes back then. he's reportedly trying to reach a deal to avoid a lifetime ban and to be able to play next season. espn reports talks stalled because he wants to make $100 million that's left on his deal. federal prosecutors getting involved, which could mean a-rod would be subpoenaed and have to testify under oath, which means it could be really embarrassing. girl talk now. >> ainsley: i want to talk about that, too. i'm interested in that. why the ban for life versus a suspension? we'll talk about that later. jennifer aniston not friends
5:36 am
with katie couric. listen to this. >> katie couric was asking me about your we hadding and i had to act like i didn't even know you were engaged because i didn't know that was out. so then she's like, everyone knows about it. so i felt really stupid. [ laughter ] but i mean -- >> is she a legitimate journalist? is she getting tabloidy? wasn't she on the today show? >> she got a demotion to her own show. >> ainsley: whoa. aniston also shot down rumors that she's a nudist with beyonce. >> brian: i never heard that. >> ainsley: there you go. >> brian: why didn't you tell me that? >> steve: it's in the news now. and she's not on welfare, but a reporter was able to receive three of the so-called obama phones provided by the government. it is the latest example of rampant fraud and abuse in the program it's supposed to be reserved for people in need. but vendors with camped out at food stamp offices trying to
5:37 am
sign up as many people as possible. >> they would ask you whether you were on welfare of any kind. i said no, but i'd sure like to be. and that got me signed up. they pull out their electronic tablet and take down my home address and send it off to me just like that. i was able to get three of the eight applications i put in. this is my safelink phone. still active. these two here are my assurance phones. >> steve: at best you're only supposed to get one. in order to get a phone, those eligible must receive some form of government assistance and only allowed to receive one. we asked you what you thought. bill says, wonder what would happen if millions of us deducted the extra charge for the obama phone fraud? ought to be optional for us, not dictated by the corrupt government. jk asks, is the obama phone another phony scandal? that's funny. >> ainsley: cute. >> steve: and john wants to know, i wonder if because the government is providing a free phone and service, if that automatically grants them the
5:38 am
right to fully monitor those lines at will without a warrant of any kind? >> brian: that was definitely not a tweet. it was a little long. maria, what are you doing out there? are you doing the weather amidst the huge crowds? >> that's right. i'm doing the weather amidst this huge crowd that has shown up to see uncle kracker today in concert and also for some free barbecue, right? have you picked a barbecue yet? >> yes, very good. >> what's your name? >> vicky. >> where are you from? >> is a have a i can't, georgia -- savannah, georgia. >> what do you think of the weather? >> great. a little cool. not hot like savannah. perfect time to be here. >> that's exactly what i think as well here. temperatures a little on the cool side, especially for august. we'll warm up nicely. mid 80s for new york city. in cleveland, temperatures a little below average with a high of 78 degrees. where they're not below average is in texas. triple digits expected there. we're also expecting severe
5:39 am
storms across the center of the country. of course, we'll keep an eye out for that. otherwise, parts of dallas and also arkansas and louisiana under heat advisories. they're talking heat index values in the triple digits. >> steve: it's still summer. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> ainsley: it feels god out there in new york city. >> brian: let's talk turtles. >> ainsley: when you're sick or injured, you go to the hospital, right? what do turtles do? >> steve: i tell you what, they have a hospital, too. our own anna kooiman is at the beach with some special friends about to go born free style. hey there, anna. >> hey. good morning. good morning to everybody at home. you're not going to believe this. there are about 1,000 people here waiting for a 140-pound sea turtle logger head to be released. i'm joined by the founder of the karen beasley sea turtle hospital. good morning to you. >> good morning. isn't it a great day? >> it is gorgeous.
5:40 am
you helped release 400 sea turtles just about back to health. tell us a little bit about lee as we brick lee down. >> lee is the lady of the hour right now. right behind you, she's coming toward us. she is going to be carrying a satellite tracking device. she came to us almost exactly one year ago. she was so weak. she could not hold her head up. now she's doing great. she was covered in leaches. >> lee was covered in leaches and found near lee island. these sea turtles, we can get a shot of lee coming down. >> here she comes. >> they're really ambassadors for observation conservation. you were given the observation hero of 2013 award. congratulations to you. >> you're going to jump in? >> i am, right here. >> if you can describe a little bit about what we're doing here. [ cheers and applause ] >> lea is 150 pounds and very often these turtles will get
5:41 am
caught in the propellers of boats or they'll get caught in litter or swallow litter or glass. so they're all taken here up and down the coast line. you saw the video of the sea turtle hospital. pretty incredible. every year -- i grew up in north carolina. this is something that the people love to do while they're on vacation with their family. notice there is kids all around. is it time? >> yep. >> here we go! off she goes. what's really incredible about all of this, too, is their instincts totally kicks in. as soon as they smell this salty air and hear the sound of the waves, they really get excited and are anxious to go. ainsley, brian and steve, what an emotional day for all these people. i'm really proud to be part of it. go to, we have a web site link for them,
5:42 am
for these sea turtle lea using thathere you can radio tracking device. >> steve: that is fantastic. what a day in surf city, 1,000 people showed up today to watch -- >> brian: including the kooiman parents. >> steve: beautiful. >> ainsley: great tv. thanks so much. we just told you about the unemployment rate. so nicole petallides will analyze all of this. she's live from the stock exchange. >> brian: and the coolest pictures you'll see all day. mother nature putting on quite a light show while you were sleeping. it was during your rapid eye movement stage, i think. these pictures you're about to see are awesome. i hope you see them soon. >> steve: you will after the break. >> brian: you promise? >> steve: yeah. >> brian: i'll read it anyway. ♪
5:43 am
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>> ainsley: good morning to you. some quick headlines. check out these incredible lightning video or photos, issued say. two florida residents snapping these shots. that's insane. wow. the storm bringing hundreds of cloud to ground lightning strikes just like these. fortunately, no reports of any injuries. this is incredible. new data breaking down -- oh, this is a different story. >> brian: let's change the cadence. >> ainsley: let me change my tone.
5:46 am
new data breaking down which coffee packs the most punch. starbucks coffee contains 20.6 miligrams of caffeine in every ounce. dunkin' donuts, regular coffee, 12.7 miligrams per ounce. from mcdonald's, 9.1 miligram of caffeine. >> steve: meanwhile -- >> brian: i heard two bells. there was one win better starbucks. >> steve: we're back with a fox business alert. the monthly jobs number is out. it drops to 7.4%. that is the lowest number in 4 1/2 years. nicole petallides joins us from the floor of the new york stock exchange. that looks like a good number. >> it really does. doesn't it? you feel be -- i got to tell you, starts to feel like they're pulling the wool over your eyes because this kind of number that comes in really just shows you once again that people are either just tired of looking for jobs, dropping out of the labor force and such. only 162,000 jobs were added, which was a huge disappointment. it was supposed to be about
5:47 am
185,000. and to make it worse, just to add on to this, the prior months, may and june, which maybe seemed better, those were revised lower. so ultimately i know that we've been going in the right direction by adding jobs, but we don't have the gdp to go along with it. so it's slowly but surely -- the only good part is maybe this bed won't -- >> brian: can we ask you a question about a stock? >> yeah, go for it. >> brian: apple. why is it stumbling again? what's the problem? >> apple faces intense competition from samsung, from google. it certainly was one of those high flying stocks. i have to tell you, when you look at the analysts, 77% of the analysts still have a buy rating. yesterday closed around 456. most of the analysts think it will break through $500. they do have new products in the pipeline. you talk to the suppliers over in asia, that's how you get what they may be making next.
5:48 am
the new iphone 6, ipads, ipad minis, with bigger screens. so you can't get rid of apple. but it certainly faces intense competition. the days of $700, i don't envision that any time soon for apple again. >> ainsley: nicole petallides, you have a good day. s & p 500, dow very good days yesterday. finish record break numbers. next up, it is the moment you've been waiting for. uncle kracker performs live for us on our plaza. >> steve: first let's check in for a preview of what starts in 12 minutes from now right here on the channel. rick? >> coming up, congressman darrell issa joins us live to talk about new subpoenas he is issuing on the ongoing benghazi investigation, plus we'll break down those jobs numbers with stuart varney as the markets get set to react. plus, what about big ideas to save the planet from a giant asteroid? that's straight ahead. see you guys.
5:49 am
5:50 am
5:51 am
brown: on my third day as principal, i met with the state. students had fallen behind, and morale was low. my first job was getting everyone to believe... that we could turn this around. i needed my staff to see what was possible. turning around a school, is not some, mystical, magical thing. it does take hard, dedicated work each day.
5:52 am
i was a chemistry major in college, and then... i joined teach for america. that's the reason i'm here. >> ainsley: welcome back. look who we have here. >> steve: that's right. usually this is where we introduce the feature performer. >> brian: but we actually have a few seconds. you pumped up for uncle kracker today? [ cheers and applause ] >> brian: we're not really equipped. we just met him a couple of days ago. you only met him once. how well do you know the next performer? your troy, aren't you? >> yeah. >> brian: how old are you? >> eight years old. >> brian: who is your dad? >> uncle kracker. [ cheers and applause ] >> ainsley: is he your uncle or dad? >> my dad. >> ainsley: it's kind of
5:53 am
confusing. how did he get this name? has he had it his whole life? >> i don't know. >> steve: introduce him. >> sprucing my dad, uncle kracker! [ cheers and applause ] >> brian: "blue sky." ♪ six pack down behind my seat ♪ ♪ one hand up on the wheel ♪ i've got baby on my side ♪ her hair all whipping in the wind ♪ ♪ the last time i felt this good ♪ ♪ i can't remember when
5:54 am
♪ ♪ ain't got no place to go ♪ ♪ nothing but blue sky ♪ ♪ you and i ♪ looking for direction ♪ ♪ don't need it if it don't come free ♪ ♪ a billboard says trust the lord ♪ ♪ a piece of country i never seen ♪ ♪ don't it feel so good
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♪ it feels so alive ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ am
5:56 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thanks, everybody.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
>> steve: who enjoyed the best free show in new york city today! [ cheers and applause ] very nice. >> brian: uncle cracker, matt, great job. we really enjoyed having you here today. you know who enjoyed it more? that family. good job. [ cheers and applause ] >> brian: you got to stick around for the after the show show. what do you have for us? i think in between disasters? >> i think a little "in between disasters." is this your favorite album?
6:00 am
>> yes. "midnight special." >> steve: it's been a great day. another great friday. thank you all for coming. see you next week. >> ainsley: happy friday to you guys at home! thank you for joining us! rick: fox news alert on a jobless number we have not seen since president bush was in office. the labor department saying unemployment rate has fallen to 7.4%. that is the lowest level since december 08. as u.s. employers add about 162,000 jobs in the month of july. good morning, everybody, i'm rick folbaum in for bill hemmer here in "america's newsroom." jaime: i'm jamie colby in for martha maccallum here today. that appears to be good news, right? digging deeper into the report it was one of the only good signs. americans are seeing hours and pay drop. that is not all. rick: stuart varney, host of "varney & company" on the fox business network.
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